In order to reach a mutual understanding with our customers, we suggest recalling three antagonistic limitations in the performance of each project. They are: price, quality and time. It has to be realized that you cannot achieve all the desired outcomes at the same time. It can be either quick and high-quality, yet expensive; or inexpensive and high-quality, but time consuming; or quick and inexpensive, but will lack quality. Now you’ll have a general idea that everything goes hand in hand.

When calculating the prices we operate on the basis of the market prices. Of course,  each client is unique. Due to high professionalism, as well as considerable loading, the price of the developed website meets the market standards, but often turns out to be below the market prices. Don’t hesitate, call us now to find out the price of a website. For regular clients the price goes down! The cost of a website for regular customers is exclusive.

You can find out the cost of a website using this page as a kind of “website calculator”. We openly disclose prices for various stages of the work. Here you can find out the price for:

  • Creating an online store:
  • Developing mobile apps:
  • Producing android programs:
  • Designing a Landing page:

You can calculate the preliminary cost of the entire work by combining the costs of the relevant stages. Every client and each project is unique and therefore we never forget about discounts and shares. For instance, the price of a mobile application may be reduced if it is part of a complex project.

After getting acquainted with the prices feel free to contact us! Together we can calculate the final price.


$300or 7800 UAH.

  • Business card website for small companies or entrepreneurs
  • Google AdWords 500UAH
  • 100 days of hosting as a gift
  • Support 24/7

Other services

Mobile app

$899from 24 475 UAH

Online store

$990from 27 750 UAH


In this menu, you can see the preliminary cost of a website on a turn-key basis. The prices are listed in advance thus, they may vary significantly. Also, we have discounts for regular customers and we always surprise a client with pleasant shares. Feel free to contact us for ordering a website or mobile application, or just a free consultation about your projects and ideas.